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You can book a tour on our website or by calling us directly.

All meals and some snacks and drinks are provided for you, but you are welcome to bring your own additional food or drinks on the tour if you wish.

We recommend wearing comfortable, weather-appropriate clothing and footwear.

Our group tour dates tend to be during less busy times of the year. Our tour destinations are popular places, but by choosing dates that are mostly off-peak, the weather tends to be more moderate and therefore more comfortable for everyone. There also tend to be fewer people during these seasons as well, which makes for a more enjoyable experience for everyone.

Our itineraries are designed to appeal to all ages and our group leaders will tailor each tour to the ages of the children on it.

All of our tour leaders go through training before leading any tours. They are also industry certified and/or licensed. Because your safety is our priority, all tour leaders are also background checked and are first aid/CPR certified.

Our tour leaders are first aid and CPR certified in case of an emergency. If an injury or medical event is beyond their training, they will call for emergency services and/or get the guest to the nearest appropriate medical facility. In the case of illness, tour leaders can refer you to the nearest urgent care or hospital.

It is important to us that you get plenty of free time to spend however you want with your family. So our itineraries are structured for about 3 hours of free time each afternoon and our scheduled days end around 7-7:30 pm most evenings so that you can either participate in any optional activities or spend the rest of the evening together on your own.

Generally, all activities and sightseeing will take place as scheduled, rain or shine, so be sure to bring appropriate clothes and shoes as well as an umbrella, just in case they are needed. In the event that the weather is severe enough that it is unsafe to be out, the tour leader may make changes to the itinerary to accommodate the situation.

Many times family vacations revolve around the kids, leaving the adults exhausted and without any downtime. So as a thank you for choosing us, there is one evening on each tour where we entertain the kids for a few hours to give the adults some free time of their own. Not only that, but we will make all the arrangements because this evening is on us! Your tour leader will discuss your options with you, but start thinking now about how you want to spend YOUR night out!

It is very common for the families who join us to become friends over the course of the tour. They tend to have children near the same ages and often find that they have a lot in common. We offer several opportunities for our tour families to get to know each other prior to their trip so that no one feels like a stranger when we all finally meet in person that first day. We certainly want everyone to look forward to their trip, so If you feel more comfortable doing a tour with just your family, please contact us about creating a closed/private or custom tour just for you.

There are two options if you wish to travel with just people you know. The first is a closed group or private tour. As long as you choose a destination and itinerary that is used for public group tours, the price will be the same (a minimum of 6 people still applies), we would just set a date for your private tour to begin. The other option is a custom tour, which could be anywhere and does not need to follow an existing itinerary. Just contact us and we will be happy to get that scheduled and designed for you. Please note there is an additional charge for custom tours which will be discussed with you when you contact us.

We do our best to minimize any standing in line or wait times. We pre-book any sites that require tickets for entry and most are for a specific time, so there is generally minimal waiting. We also try to schedule tours during less busy times of the year so that security lines, etc. are shorter. While we can’t always avoid waiting, we do our best to make it as short as possible.

Breakfasts are provided at your hotel. Lunches will generally be at food courts or box lunches. Dinners will be at family-friendly restaurants. We do try to have some variety in the types of restaurants we use in order to appeal to everyone. We also make sure that the restaurants we choose can meet any dietary restrictions that you or your family members might have. Generally, you will be able to see the menu for the restaurant prior to arrival so you will know what they offer ahead of time.

Most places are stroller accessible. In the rare situation where strollers aren’t allowed, your tour leader will let you know ahead of time so you can be prepared.

For our Washington DC tours, we get around by metro and by foot. You will be provided with metro cards during your stay. While there is a lot of walking, we do try to minimize it when possible, so that your little ones don’t wear out too fast.

Yes! If you would like us to design a custom tour for your family to any destination, please contact us and we will be happy to help make your vacation dreams come true!

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