10 days
Group Size
8 to 15

Tulip Time in the Netherlands (10 Days) April 8-18, 2025 and April 22-May 2, 2025

What is the connection between the Netherlands and the Pilgrims? Who is the “cheese father” and what is his job? How many tulip bulbs are planted at Keukenhof Garden each year? Is the correct name Holland or the Netherlands? Discover the answer to all of these questions and more by joining us on our 2024 Netherlands family group tour!
On our family-oriented tour you will:
Celebrate the 75th anniversary of Kuekenhof Garden’s lovely flower displays.
Experience history at the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam.
Sample different cheeses at the oldest and biggest cheese market in the Netherlands.
Enjoy a relaxing boat tour through the “Venice of the Netherlands” in Giethoorn.
See original paintings by one of the most famous Dutch painters at the Van Gogh Museum.
Paint your own unique ceramic piece at the Royal Delft Factory.
Eat an authentic stroopwafel.
Listen to the sounds of windmills and craftsmen using traditional methods to create various goods.