7 days
Group Size
8 to 15

Discover Washington DC Tour (7 Days)

Who is Kilroy and where is he hiding at the WWII memorial? What was it like to live on George Washington’s estate at Mt. Vernon? How was President Lincoln’s assassin caught? How big is the Hope Diamond and is it really cursed? Why was there such controversy about the Vietnam Veterans Memorial when it was built? Where can you stand at the Lincoln Memorial and see the eternal flame of JFK’s burial site at Arlington at night? Discover the answer to all of these questions and more by joining us on our next family group tour in Washington DC!

Think Washington DC is only for grownups who are interested in politics? Think again! When you are on our kid-friendly, the family-oriented tour you will:
● Test your spy skills at the International Spy Museum.
● Feel the breeze as we take a boat ride down the Potomac to experience the history and tranquility of George Washington’s Mt. Vernon estate.
● Assist in investigating the assassination of President Lincoln at Ford’s Theater.
● Smell the orchids at the National Botanical Garden.
● Race your other guests to see who can sort mail the fastest at the Postal Museum.
● Honor those who died for our country at Arlington Cemetery and the Vietnam, Korean, and WWII War Veterans' memorials.
● Touch a moon rock at the National Air and Space Museum.
● Have an opportunity to sample Senate Bean Soup at the Capitol, a daily tradition served since the early 20th century.

10 days
Group Size
8 to 16

Reformation Tour in Germany (10 Days) June 4-14, 2024

What was life like during Luther’s time? How was Martin Luther able to stay at Wartburg Castle for so long without being discovered? Where are Martin and Katie Luther buried? What did music in Luther’s time period sound like? Why is Bach considered to be such a remarkable composer? Discover the answer to all of these questions and more by joining us on our next Lutheran Heritage family group tour in Germany!

Think church history is boring? Think again! When you are on our family-oriented tour you will:
Hear Bach music performed live by groups from around the world at the Leipzig Bach Festival.
Feel the breeze and take in the views from Wartburg Castle overlooking the countryside and town of Eisenach .
Sit in the church in Wittenberg where Martin Luther preached.
Enjoy German food and have a beer in an authentic Biergarten.
Smell the flowers at the oldest botanical garden in Germany.
Eat like in Luther’s time at the Augustinian monastery in Erfurt, where Martin Luther studied.
Listen to Bach pieces played on authentic instruments from his time period at the Bach Haus in Eisenach.
See the differences between Luther’s design of the first Lutheran church in Torgau.
Visit the burial place of Katie Luther in St. Mary’s Church in Torgau.
Learn about what life was like in the time of Luther at the Luther 1517 - Wittenberg 360° exhibit.
Walk the streets of Eisleben where Martin Luther was born and died.